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The letter, which has been posted on social media by several of the industry names involved, says the shut down was a result of a 'review' and apologizes for any inconvenience, however gives no further explanation.

Pornographic actress Teagan Presley, who has a masturbatory device modeled from her body, told adult industry blog XBiz News a Chase employee said the reason for the termination was because she was in the 'adult business'.

Finally, we speak of good conduct, a good man, a good intention, and here the adjective has for us a sense different from any of the foregoing, unless indeed, we are utilitarian philosophers, to whom morally good is but another term for useful.

Now in all these locutions the word conveys directly or indirectly the idea of desirability.

When we take some step to obtain it, it is the end of our action.

The series of means and ends either stretches out indefinitely, or it must terminate in some desired object or objects which are ends in themselves.

There is speculation the Department of Justice triggered the clampdown as part of a targeted effort to shut down certain industries by preventing them access to banking services, which they have called Operation Choke Point.

The objective idea is not indwelling in the essences of those things which fall within the scope of our corresponding universal concept, but the thing borrows or derives something from the idea.

Whatever things possess goodness have it only because they participate in or draw from, the Sovereign Good.

Their goodness then, is something distinct from, and added to, their proper essences or being.

Again we sometimes call a thing good because it possesses completely, or in a high degree, the perfections proper to its nature, as a good painting, good respiration.

Sometimes, too, things are termed good because they are of a nature to produce something desirable; that is, they are good casually.

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We call a tool or instrument good, if it serves the purpose for which it is intended.

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