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We know that Gary Dauberman, who contributed to the screenplay for the first film, will write at least the first draft of the sequel.

All those adult actors have yet to be chosen and/or announced, but with a release date set and a script in the works we’ll likely start to hear about them soon.

And this sequel will show us more of the lives of the kids as seen in the original movie, which means that whole cast will have to return — and waiting too long to shoot means they might look noticeably different in the next movie.

Great way to get guys/girls to subscribe but once burned their not likely to re-subscribe are they? Again, given it's european background, Spice features a lot of euro-style porn, which for me is a bit of a put off.

Some quite good shows but too far and few between to merit subscription. Lots of beautiful scenery, samey looking euro-girls and almost autocue acting don't really float my boat.

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The sequel to IT, which might be called IT: Chapter Two, will hit theaters, including IMAX houses, on September 6, 2019, almost exactly two years after the arrival of the first chapter.

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