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A miscer is a member of the misc section of the forums.While most of the forums are geared towards the bodybuilding lifestyle, with a few exceptions, the misc section is generally where all the unrelated random topics tend to be posted.Almost all foods found in nature have protein; even most vegetables, calorie per calorie, contain a percentage of protein similar to meat. are necessary for brain health (in fact, 70% of our brain is made up of fat), blood sugar regulation, hormone production and transport, and cell membrane health.

The number of calories you need depends on many factors, such as your age, sex, size, activity level, fitness goals, and genetic makeup. helps to build and repair blood cells, DNA, muscle tissue; produce hormones and enzymes; and act as transporters in the body.

Pure fat contains approximately 9 calories per gram.

Main sources of fat include oil, nuts, avocados, nut and seed butters, butter, and egg yolks.

Most miscers are looked down upon by other members of the forum because they post almost exclusively in the misc section and many do not even work out.

It is also where most of the forums trolls congegrate.

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I've read some reviews and I'm hoping this product gives me the extra push to lift more.

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