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Once used for keeping 'wild swyne', probably after the extinction of true wild boar, there are early 17th century records of wood sales showing that lime bast, the bark used for making rope, was as valuable as the timber itself.

The removal of conifers from the FC side was completed in December 2011, the last one being felled by Oliver Rackham.

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The network of footpath and bridleways that remain today evolved over time to serve the traditional way of village and town life in rural Essex.

West: Pheasanthouse Wood North: Birch Wood South: Little Baddow Heath, Poors Piece and Scrubs Wood.

A huge forest with natural habitats developed over more than 1,000 years for use by people and their grazing animals.

Now coppiced, with new pathways funded by the Forestry Commission.

Regardless of land ownership, these tracks were the 'glue' that bound together a community that needed to walk between home, woodland, mill, market, farm and church.

This is a list of open spaces where you can walk and enjoy natural surroundings on permissive paths.

Geoffrey Garnet was given this land in 1165 whilst a knight in the service of King Henry II..

This 79 acre site is the last remnant of the old Coopersale Common, offering ancient coppice with spring bogs.

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