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While he says the aristocracy and royals are surprisingly unpretentious, often opting for traditional English fare ('Prince William loves cottage pie.' and 'I know a chef who was at the Palace for a long time and the Queen and Duke eat very simply'), others are not so easily pleased.One billionaire Oligarch hired Michael, who has cooked for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, and then refused to eat solid food.If I had a hefty allowance from a generous benefactor, though, I figured that I could take the leap comfortably. To overcome my reservations about walking the line between dating and prostitution, I told myself that any such concerns were the result of societal conditioning.The idea of wealthy older people supporting struggling younger ones is nothing revolutionary, after all—look what Peggy Guggenheim did for Jackson Pollock or the Tuohys did for N. The idea that mixing money and mating is inherently bad, I reasoned, was a fallacy based on our collective obsession with moralizing sex.Then, matter-of-factly, he said, “Whether I met you on the site or at the Standard, you’d cost me at least 10 grand a month.”The site he was referring to was Seeking Arrangement, an online network that pairs people possessing resources (“sugar daddies” and “sugar mommies”) with those, usually much younger, seeking them (“sugar babies”).I had become a member a few weeks earlier, partly as a social experiment and partly out of genuine desperation.

We set up a date and specified what we’d be wearing so that we could recognize each other—a navy-blue baby-doll dress and black tights for me, a striped button-down and a maroon cashmere vest for him.Why sneer at suspected gold diggers like Heather Mills or the late Anna Nicole Smith if they were merely following their evolutionary instincts?With all of this in mind, I created my Seeking Arrangement profile.Since I was still a bit hesitant about how far I’d be willing to take my experiment, I signed up using the pseudonym Annabelle Walker.The site, which launched in 2006, has about 420,000 members, of which roughly one-third are sugar daddies and two-thirds are sugar babies (sugar mommies account for less than one percent).

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,” I said, but it was getting harder and harder to feign enthusiasm. Barth’s for two weeks, she’s not going to be left behind because she needs to write copy all day to make 500 bucks to pay her cable bill.

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