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My personal opinion is that the YBA-1 is better for guitar, while the YBA-1A is preferable for bass. [...] typically playing a new gibson les paul "faded" through them. I got it brand new back in the late 1960s (I traded a dealer my Fender Super reverb even for it). It can be heard on all my recordings, and you can [see] me using it in the videos of my band, Terrain. Specifically, R36 needs to be 68K, not 6K8 as written.I've used it regularily throughout the years, gigging throughout the Detroit area, and later in the E. A plate load of 6K8 would have essentially zero gain and probably lots of other problems.While his co-host didn't seem to deem the creation too hilarious, Paul's amusement was shared by viewers: 'That moment when you can't hold in the laughter after seeing that oddly shaped bread snail on bake off #GBBO.''The phallic snail on #GBBO and Paul 'Blue Eyes' Hollywood in hysterics = priceless TV gold.''If Paul can laugh at a phallic-esque bread snail, how can I ever hope to have a mature sense of humour #GBBO.'Another one joked: 'Snail Penis wins star baker and I'm not surprised it made Pru blush #GBBO #channel4.''When your bread snail looks like something else entirely...#GBBO.I've never seen a snail look like that #GBBO.'Once the comedy subsided, Paul and Prue went on to taste the 'phallic-shaped' bread concoction and were left impressed.Runs on less than 440 volts, weighs 39 pounds Dimensions: 8"x18"x10" (HWD); weight: 40 lbs. (source: Catalog) Silvery grey grille cloth; Original layout was very close to the tweed Bassman and the Marshall JTM-45 50-watt models; noticably huge big heavy transformers are a Traynor hallmark in these units up till the approximately 1972 models; Early models were tube rectified (5AR4) and used two 7027A power tubes.They feature a 'flip-top' design that allowes the top of the head to open like a lid.

One wrote: 'You need to finger right in the middle to make sure top stays on bottom' Paul Hollywood #GBBO.' With contestants giving it their all with the 'fingering' technique, fans of the show were clearly entertained as they continued to tweet out their hilarious reactions. "it didn't get the finger treatment" #GBBO.'Don't forget to finger your bread #GBBO.''Dying to know what Pru thinks the finger treatment is #GBBO.''Did Paul honestly just offer to oil his finger #GBBO.''I thought I had seen it all, but now finger banging dough.New meaning to food porn.''Cannot handle the amount of finger innuendos in bread week #GBBO.' Another added: 'Words of wisdom from 'Prue Leith on #GBBO When putting the bread in the oven, don't forget the finger treatment,' while another quipped: 'This didn't get the finger treatment at all' behave Prue #GBBO.' Social media talk then turned to Julia's snail, which she had formed from bread - which happened to resemble something different entirely.Occurring during the final task where contestants had to form an impressive bread sculpture, with three natural colouring, everyone did their best to form things such as a hat, bag and flower basket.Hilarious: The hilarious reaction occurred during the technical challenge, where nervous contestants were tasked with producing a cottage loaf, where the head judge demonstrated the 'finger method' to perfectly infuse two rolls of bread After a teaser challenge of making teacakes, the contestants were tasked with forming a cottage loaf.And in their quest for perfection, eager contestants took initiative as they utilised two of their fingers to make the perfect shape.

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