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It had scared her, she said to police in a statement; Josh Brown had “been physically violent to her on more than 20 different instances over the past several years.” The police report continued: Brown was arrested on allegations that he assaulted his wife.“He certainly admitted to us that he abused his wife in the past,” Giants owner John Mara said on a WFAN radio show in October, three days before the team dropped Brown.Family violence is not a new phenomenon—it has probably existed since the beginning of time.“For the suspensions we have seen, we’ve seen less than six games, too,” says Daniel Werly, a sports attorney who has represented professional players and leagues.They pointed to one thing: He was in trouble, and there was a warrant out for his arrest.Austin’s agent says a warrant was issued when Austin’s then-girlfriend told a magistrate judge that she and Austin had gotten in a fight that culminated with him hitting her, endangering their child and breaking her cellphone.Molly stated that the NFL would only be looking to bury this whole incident and protect Josh.” The King County Sheriff, in turn, called the NFL consultant, Deborah Katz—the same person who had written to Kendra Scott—and said it was Molly Brown’s wish not to be called by the NFL again.“Deborah started pressing [me] for information on this case,” a reporting officer said.

The league and its experts, Goodell promised in 2014, would “address how to balance due process rights for those accused with the need to hold our personnel to the highest standards.”“There’s a lot more going on that people can’t see,” Austin says.The 2016 version of the policy includes new language about disciplinary notification, including that “the Commissioner, either directly or through a member of his staff, will communicate his decision to the player regarding any disciplinary action to be taken.” The updated policy also clarifies that “counseling, treatment, or therapy” or “facts” offered by the player may help reduce discipline after it is decided.The NFL has "disciplinary officers" provide reports to players and the union—and then provide a recommendation to Goodell, who makes the final decision.Austin became the first known player to be given a “baseline” six-game suspension by the NFL since the league instituted its new domestic violence discipline in December 2014.But Austin pointed to a basic inconsistency with the NFL’s investigation of his case: He says nobody from the NFL ever called him, his agent or his attorney—until a call to say he was suspended.“There was no conversation,” Austin says. I was extremely surprised.”“Then I looked at it from a different angle,” Austin tells B/R Mag: News of Austin’s suspension became public on September 8, 2015, when it was announced that he had violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy.

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