Intimidating behaviour at work

Alternatively, you can download the Bullying and harassment at work: a guide for managers and employers (Acas advisory leaflets) [Kindle Edition] through the Amazon website.Please note that there is a small charge for the Kindle edition.

Bullying and harassment means any unwanted behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated or offended.The improved relationship offers a chance to live peacefully at home.The Alliance of Surrey Mediation Services offers free Mediation throughout Surrey.The service offers one-to-one coaching sessions for people suffering because of anti-social behaviour, providing a listening ear, supporting people to develop coping strategies and signposting them to other sources of support.The Alliance of Surrey Mediation Services Community Mediation helps you to resolve conflict by finding a solution and reaching an agreement.

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The incidents must be about the same problem and reported within a month of when it first happened.

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