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will be attending the Clan Grant 3rd International Gathering 2010 this August 13-21, 2010 to further explore this connection. Sir Alexander Cuming, in his brief Journal which appeared in the Historical Register of London for 1731, described his adventures in the Cherokee Nation in 1730 when, with the aid of Ludovic Grant, he convinced seven young Cherokees (including future chief, Attakullakulla, the "Little Carpenter") to visit England and King George II. The focus of the rebellion was to restore the descendents of James VII of Scotland to the British throne.

More Information on Ludovic(k) Grant:: GRANT (son of JOHN GRAUNT) was born Abt. He married (1) ELIZABETH I-DU-I TASSEL in Cherokee Nation East [TN], daughter of KAHYUN TECHEA. In a statement recorded on page 301 of the Charlestown, South Carolina probate court in the book of "1754-1758" in a sworn statement of January 12, 1756, says, "It is about thirty years since I went into the Cherokee Country where I have resided ever since" "I speak their language". After his capture his lands were confiscated and his title revoked.

Ludovick Grant, a laird's son who originated in Creichie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, escaped a death sentence after being captured while fighting for the Jacobite army during the battle of Preston in 1715.Master of the ship was Thomas Bromhall, May 7, 1716 (Directory of Scots Banished to the America Plantations 1650 to 1775, page 66/Genealogical Publishing Co., Baltimore, MD) The Jacobite's had over the course of a century, had staged numerous rebellions in Britain, trying to restore the Stuart family to power. Ludovic became a Indian trader with the Adair family.Ludovic Grant, being of good family and well educated, became the agent and correspondent of the Governors of South Carolina.The Grants formed alliances with other clans in to keep their lands safe.One clan they are particularly associated with is the Macgregors.

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This regality was abolished in 1745 after the failure of the Jacobite uprising.

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