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The concept of reciprocity under this perspective states that individuals can directly reward his benefactor or another person in the social exchange process.

Spekman firms evaluate economic and social outcomes from each transaction and compare them to what they feel they deserve.

London's interview comes as Kendra and Baskett have been weathering some negative reports lately about their five year marriage that has resulted in two children: Hank Jr, aged four, and Alijah, aged one month.

Not only did The National Enquirer claim on Saturday that the 29-year-old Playboy cover girl kicked the former football star out of their Los Angeles home, but on Monday Radar Online accused the 31-year-old athlete of cheating with London.

Other costs and rewards equal, they choose alternatives that offer the most security for them.

Blau s utilitarian focus encouraged the theorist to look forward, as in what they anticipated the reward would be in regards to their next social interaction.

Paolella concluded, according to Radar, there was 'no indication of deception during the polygraph examination' after she answered 'yes' to a barrage of questions - ranging from whether or not Baskett engaged in mutual masturbation, paid her for the session, knew that she was a transsexual, and paid her an additional sum on a second visit to her apartment to 'deny she ever met him'.

Sociologist George Homans published a work Social Behavior as Exchange.

[37] An example of a risk that could occur during the reciprocal exchange is the factor that the second party could end up not returning the favor and completing the reciprocal exchange online dating theory.

Rewards being equal, they choose alternatives from which they anticipate the fewest costs.

The source told the publication: 'He went into the office of the motel and then pulled the jeep around to the other side where the room was located. At one point, he kicked the ground.'The allegations of marital discord come just one day after Kendra took to Twitter to post an upbeat message, writing: 'Today will be a great day.

Social exchange produces emotions that are positive to negative Emotions can be construed as reward or punishment (i.

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