Ntp not updating system time dating old houses

Can anybody with a HIKVision camera running the 140116 firmware check and see if their time is correct with and without the DST settings? Most of the settings are ignored in the camera, including the time zone.

Was running: NVR running V2.3.7 build 131112Now running: V2.3.7 build 140327, no difference still works, the cameras are less than 1 second difference than the NVR.

If I turn off the DST settings on the cameras, all works fine.

But they aren't exactly in sync with the NVR, which is most important.

I'm using HIKVISION DS-2CD2032-I cameras and DS7608NI-E2 NVR. To get the correct local time time I need to set the correct time zone (Pacific in my case) and disable DST.

I have 3 HIKVision cameras all on V5.1.2 build 140116and 1 HIKVision DS-7608NI-SE NVR on V 2.37 build 140327.

I have DST Settings set the same on all of them --DST Start 2nd Sunday in March; end first sunday in November, DST bias 60 minutes.

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