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Answer their questions, clarify concerns and guide them into your service.

We’ll help you to increase the number of signups you get each day. Every time a prospect submits a question when you’re not there, Chatra stores their email address for you to get back to them and for use in your future marketing efforts. Chatra is the perfect tool to show you are accessible, both on your website and in app.

Besides, the more website traffic you have already, the more you can make out of it with a little help from Chatra. Chatra even lets us create automated messages based on certain conditions — ex.

After all, that’s what small businesses are prized for. Excellent customer service and help if you need it.

But being big doesn’t mean you aren’t human, or that you should disregard feedback. I’ve been using Chatra for about two weeks now and I’m very impressed!

Twitch Plays Battlegrounds just proved that the best strategy for survival in PUBG is to be an absolute coward and spend most of the game crawling or hiding.

It might not be the most entertaining for spectators, but we did watch Ash run into a wall in Pokemon for hours on end as part of Twitch Plays Pokemon, so it surpasses that at least. Can they even get a kill that wasn’t handed to them by a friendly stream sniper?

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As you may know, when you send a message from the Messenger app there is an option to send your location with it.

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