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Veda is an experience, the experience of the truth, the experience of the unity of the force, consciousness, experience of the reality of the diversity of manifestations, experience of the eternal drama of the matter, energy, consciousness in forms (roopas), experience of the human evolution, the evolution of physical, transcendental, and spiritual, and the experience of the consciousness in all these levels.Veda is not the radiance of the medium, but it is the radiance itself.This Jaya was latter extended in to a massive text of 24,000 slokas by sage Vaisampayana, one of the disciples of sage Vyasa, to keep the sloka count on par with the great Epic Ramayana.Sage Vaisampayana added around 15,200 slokas to the original 8,800 slokas to arrive at 24,000 sloka figure. Many (hundred/thousands) years (yet to be dated) after sage Vaisampayana, sage Souti, belonging to one of sage Vaisampayanas disciples linage again extended Bharata Samhita in to Maha Bharata by adding another 76,000 slokas thus making the final version a whopping collection of 1,00,000 slokas.There is dispute among scholars as to the actual number of slokas added by sage Souti.Some scholars say that sage Souti only added 64,000 slokas thus making Mahabharata only a treatise of 88,000 slokas.

Veda according to the followers of dharma, is the lore of the sages and seers is the treasure house of the human knowledge.

It is neither the abstraction of thought nor wilderness of the fantasy.

It is the realization of truth transmitted as an Vibration-Language.

It is un decayable, unmatched, thus making it SASHTHRA or SCIENCE.

Veda was one undivided complete wisdom realized after systematic study under qualified teachers.

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