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Her eyes widened when she wrapped her tiny hands around my thick hard cock. I felt her mouth slightly open to allow my tongue to slide in.

"My god, its bigger than I imagined."At this point I was done protesting. My tongue swirled around hers for a few minutes all the while she began stroking my cock faster and faster.

"I'm going to give you the blow job of your life" she assured me as she dropped down to her knees. After what seemed like an eternity of teasing she took my cock in her mouth. "I want you to pop my cherry tonight.""I couldn't stop now, precum was leaking out of my cock head, and she had me right where she wanted. I knelt down in front of her and put my head between her legs.

She began at the base and licked and sucked on my balls. She bobbed up and down taking only half at first and kept going until she had all 8" in. She undid her Daisy Dukes, and slide them down to the floor exposing her tiny pink thong. I could smell the strong musk of a woman with my nose just inches away from her flower.

There are several billion people who have access to the internet.

She then straddled my right leg and began to grind up and down.

I began to suck on her bottom lip, and worked my self around her neck and started to nipple and lick her ear.

I had packed some tight undershorts and made sure that I had them on most of the time to try and tame the 8" monster with a mind of its own.

The last couple of days of camp we had a lot of water activities and I was all out of my tight undies.

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Most of these girls where hot, and the summer heat made them even hotter.

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