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This is why they will always confirm you are the person who owns the debt. If they cannot confirm this they cannot discuss the matter further.

so now after BT have been as useful as a chocolate teapot im just ignoring it and refusing to give out my personal details over the phone.

I checked with british gas...called past due and that was it, debt absolved, problem sorted.

They are genuine but I would wait for a second letter to get more facts in before you call them!!

I would suggest continuing in this vein, send another letter asking them to look at your first letter and the tenancy agreement and remove the debt from your name with immediate effect.

Good luck I appreciate this is an old thread - but I put this information here in case it is helpful.

i will not be paying a penny ,after speaking to lovely Claudine who was so rude, i dont see why i should keep trying to resolve this when i have enough written proof this is not my debt !!!!! You've put it in writing already which is good as then you have a copy of what you've sent/written.I have just received a letter from past due credit solutions with no information other than a case number and an 0844 number to call. COM - Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers a non 0844 number 01 for them which I can call free from my skype account.They were trying to find someone to link to a debt from a house I lived in, but I didn't live there at the time the debt was incurred, so they've confirmed that they have closed the 'case' and I have no link to that debt.The debt was for 89 but they said if we paid there and then over the phone they would reduce it to 50 for us. I've found that sometimes debt agencies are given people to follow up where actually there isn't a debt, it's just their records are not up to date.It may be worth calling them to find out what's going on and trying to resolve it if necessary hi, i have had four letters now from these, i knew i didnt have a dept but called British Gas anyway they didnt know anything about it, i also sought advise from citizens advise and have just written a letter to tell them that i DO NOT acknowledge the dept and that i will not be paying them a penny.

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