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All outputs can be categorized, cross referenced, and financially detailed to determine what the future global citizen will “be like.” The worth of a person (identified with a Unique National ID) can be calculated by creating an algorithm subtracting all investments and consumption through feedbacks made to evaluate the value of the end product. That's the science in HR 4147, the legislation to create one massive government database that can hook into any data it wants to determine what you can or cannot do. Evidence-based means total quality management or management by objectives for a planned economy.

The key to this process is which codes every action taken to control the end product. Monitoring the processing of human capital to get to the defined end product. The original name for the planned economy was planning, programming, budgeting system, PPBS, in which 10 federal coded handbooks were developed for computer retrieval in the 70’s. The cornerstone of the New Managed Economy is the “science” to merge education, health, labor, finance, immigration, etc., all federal departments. Your government is intent to create the global citizen. Data on children is already contracted with 3rd party vendors to research interventions, curriculum development, software development, providers, and yes, access to the results of testing, privacy invading surveys, and assessments.

The Flex Waivers changed federal law without Congressional authority, but who cares, data was the most important objective.

The collection of social, emotional, and behavioral data on the personalities of your children and specific interventions would become the new focus for the federal government.

States were then offered huge amounts of cash (grant money from the IES) to raise the bar of data collection to mimic the existing national data warehouse interestingly called the Common Core of Data.

Data-mining of your children to third parties was Ok’d by President Obama. Why Should Parents Be Concerned and Why Must The Obama EO Become Law?

Parents, and their intergenerational impact, are a target for proper child rearing and engagement to accept and match the federal standards. Yes, it was your government that allowed this to happen. (S 2046 Companion Bill in the Senate) The original graph above taken from the federal Cooperative Accountability Project (1974) outlines societal in life, womb to tomb.

Here’s some of the background on this particular soldier…“Imperial Agents are direct representatives of the Emperor, an elite caste within the Imperial Service.

In this caste, there are ranks, structured according to their proximity to the Dragon.

(Title I funds are the vehicle for CHOICE to control all private, religious, and homeschooled children in the Planned Economy where the money and the interventions “follow the child.”) So, since 2012, the illegal, and unjust expanding data system would identify and cross-reference individual children, teachers, testing, and validated curriculum creating a feedback loop control system, called evidence-based decision-making.

The system can cross-reference and identify who is or is not meeting government objectives.

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