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All of the Amazon Fire TV boxes being sold directly from Amazon site will arrive with the new update once you install Fire Starter & reboot the system, the system will update & remove Fire Starter.It did it on all of the 5 boxes I received from Amazon on 04-02-16.Having initially launched for Android Wear, Google’s wearables-focused version of Android, Microsoft Garage introduced the Torque Bing search assistant app for Android phones in December.Torque works in cahoots with mobile web search and voice commands, letting you shake your phone to search the web, text your buddies, or even make a phone call.When using the double click home, it now opens up your Recent Items menu.Can not yet confirm as none of my 3 devices has already received the update.

In fact, just today, Microsoft finally launched its Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone out of preview, having been available on Android and i OS since 2013.With the exception of music-streaming service Beats, which likely had too much traction in the U. when Apple acquired it to justify pulling the plug on the Android version, and the Chomp app-discovery engine that Apple acquired before swiftly binning the Android incarnation (and subsequently closing it altogether), Apple has steered clear of Android.While Apple is a hardware business first and foremost, many non-Apple users would probably love to see Apple make the likes of Garage Band, i Movie, i Tunes, i Books, or even Test Flight (well, developers would) available for other mobile platforms. The same can’t be said for the more software-focused companies such as Google and Microsoft, however, with both targeting the i OS fraternity with their wares.I got pushed an Amazon update this morning, and I can't get Fire Starter to install at all.Had it working well until the newest update (, but all traces of it seem wiped from my FTV2. When running the last step, adb gives: Exactly the same here on an FTV Stick, worked prior to today's update which has removed it. Using adb, I uninstalled the apk 'firestarter' (you can choose to keep the settings).

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