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All sections should be reviewed The most common web application security weakness is the failure to properly validate input from the client or environment.

int payee Lst Id = Parameter('payeelstid'); account From = Acct Number By Index(payee Lst Id); Not only is this easier to render in HTML, it makes validation and business rule validation trivial. To provide defense in depth and to prevent attack payloads from trust boundaries, such as backend hosts, which are probably incapable of handling arbitrary input data, business rule validation is to be performed (preferably in workflow or command patterns), even if it is known that the back end code performs business rule validation.Business rules are known during design, and they influence implementation.However, there are bad, good and "best" approaches.Detecting attempts to find these weaknesses is a critical protection mechanism.These definitions are used within this document: Ensure that data is not only validated, but business rule correct.

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However, simply preventing attacks is not enough - you must perform Intrusion Detection in your applications.

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